Balau, Kempas for Timber Deck Board Supplier in Batam

Balau, Kempas for Timber Deck Board Supplier in Batam | We are Supplier, Pabrication and Installer Balau, Kempas, Teak Hardwood for Deck Board | Batam

PT. Wisaga Putra Martua adalah perusahaan yang berfokus melayani Suplai, Pabrikasi / Modifikasi dan Instalasi dek kayu untuk Kapal, Kolam Renang, Villa, Hotel, Gazebo dan lainnya.

Kayu Balau, Kempas, Ulin, Jati untuk lantai kayu adalah jenis yang direkomendasikan untuk Outdoor Deck. ( Balau, Kempas and Teak Hardwood for Deck Board ).

Dengan pengalaman lebih dari 15 Tahun dalam layanan ini, kami siap memberikan layanan terbaik untuk hasil pekerjaan yang lebih baik.

Percayakan kepada kami pekerjaan Suplai, Pabrikasi / Modifikasi dan Instalasi Wooden Deck / Wooden Flooring.

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Balau, Kempas Wooden Deck Timber / Flooring

PT. WISAGA PUTRA MARTUA core intent is to establish the company as an all-encompassing timber solutions provider for the global architecture, design and construction industries. We specialise in facilitating projects from mega to self-contained scales.

Having over 15 years of prominence in the manufacturing and supplying of timber products internationally, our product development consultants have strategically applied global appeal to our products, both structurally and aesthetically.

It is in our duty to produce the finest in timber flooring, with the belief that sustainable forestry practices and due diligence owing to the environment, are implemented without compromising on quality. We seek to cultivate a lifestyle that is sustainable and practical for our clients.

PT. WISAGA PUTRA MARTUA continuous efforts to bring forth the finest in our timber products, ensures that satisfaction is guaranteed from our products and services through stringent quality control.


What is Yellow Balau?
Yellow Balau, is a wood obtained from trees of the Shorea species of Southeast Asia. It is used for decking, structural timber, flooring, shipbuilding, barrels and many other applications. It is also known as Bangkirai.

Durability is a known benefit of this species. It has a strength equal to 1,600Ib/ft2 to the Janka strength scale. For those who are not familiar with this term–this means Balau hardwood is stronger than many other wood types. It is also extremely resistant to marine borers making it ideal for use in marine applications.

For this reason, it is mainly used in outdoor projects: while boat decks and shipbuilding are among its many uses, Balau is mostly used as a decking material in the UK. This product also features in public projects. For example, Boardwalk in Youghal, in County Cork, Ireland, is a project that has used Balau Hardwood. Similarly, Titanic Belfast tourist attraction also makes use of it.

It is a beautiful hardwood. As its last layer has an attractive yellow colour, it’s the preference of people wanting a warm yellow look on their floors & decks. However, as this wood tends to shrink, it is not a suitable species for most internal joinery applications.

Texture & Colour
It has an interlocking grain, even texture and yellowish colour. So, if you are looking for a warm colour in your decking project and need a durable product, Balau is something you need to consider.

Balau, Kempas Wooden Deck Timber / Flooring

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